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Holi | Festival of Colours |Holi celeberations | rituals of India | Importance of holi in Indian culture

Holi The festival of colours Holi is one of the most famous festival in India. It is particularly the festival of north India . It is generally celebrated in the month of March every year. Holi is , in particular , a festival most loved by little children , through the young people and the […]


Diwali | festival of light’s | Essay on diwali | Diwali celebrations

💥Diwali💥 🎉The festival of light’s🎆🎇     Diwali is a famous festival of india. It is celebrated all over country. It is celebrated with great Pomps and shows. Diwali is a festival , not only for hindus but of almost all the communities living in India. Hindu celebrate Diwali festival because on this day, lord […]


Dussehra | essay | celebrations |hindu festivals

Dussehra Dussehra is one of the most famous festival of india. It comes off mostly in the month of October .  It is celebrated about twenty days before diwali. Dussehra is celebrated to recall the victory of Rama over the  cruel king , Ravana. It is said that it was on this day that lord Rama […]