Meaning of Silence and Power of Silence

The modern world in the world of chatterboxes. Where ever you go you hear noises created by noisy selfish men who are out of dupe others and grind their own are. This a world of Shallow thinkers and the world of deep thinkers and wise men of the old is long past.

It will,however,not be hard to realise that speaking too much sometimes proves title or extremely detrimental. The crow who cawed-cawed day in and day out and had fortunately found a piece of cheese, soon lost it because it could not help opening is mouth when the clever fox cajoled it to sing a sweet song.

The foolish dog who was being taken away to a place of safety by friendly swans when it was holding piece of wood while the swan Surfing in the sky, could not help opening its mouth when tounted by the lookers-on on the ground. It was no wonder when it lost its precious life. It is said that we do not know a fool until he opens a mouth.

By :- Siddharth sharma

For a person who is not in the best knowledge of things, the best thing is to keep his mouth shut and keep silence . Otherwise, he is likely to make only and ass of himself. Our great Saints,including Mahatma Gandhi in recent times,used to observe a silent day in a week. On his day they spoke nothing and thus they give rest to their own mind and two minds to others. So if speech is silver, silence is golden.


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