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The festival of colours

Holi is one of the most famous festival in India. It is particularly the festival of north India . It is generally celebrated in the month of March every year.


Holi is , in particular , a festival most loved by little children , through the young people and the grown-ups also participate in it in a big ways. Holi i said that once there was a cruel king, Hiranyakashyapa who asked the people to worship him and never mention the name of God .

Hiranyakashyapa’s own son Prahlad, disobeyed him and worshipped God instead of his father .The cruel king asked the child Prahlad to sit in the lap of his sister Holika ,that is , his aunt. Holika was in league with her brother , the king . It had been blessed with some supernatural power that she could not bhe burnt even by fire.





Holika decided to sit on a heap of burning twigs with Prahlad in her lap. She thought , as per the boon , she could not catch fire , but prahlad would get burnt . Holika was wrong and so was the king . A strange thing happened. Holika got burnt , but fire could not burnt Prahlad . He was save by God . For that time Holi is celebrated every year. On this day , people throw gulal and colourful water on one another in a mood of great joviality .

Some people smear powered colour on each other’s face in the same mood. Children specially feel very happy in doing so. It is very clear that Holi is also joyful festival like Diwali , Dussehra and other festivals . It is for this reason that generally on this day , people of different communities participate on the large scale .


They greet and hug each other lovingly. They now only throw colour and flowers on each other but also exchange sweets on this day.  It is pitiable that some people throw mud , cow dung , mobil oil and such cheap things on other .They spoil the true spirit of the festival as such activities lead to quarrels. Let us observe Holi as a festival of love , universal brother hood and good will among individuals and communities.



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