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Sometimes, parents advise their children not to play with bad boys whose company is desired to be stunned? They are, actually just children as all other children. Only they have bad manners . In other words , they don’t observe good manners or they don’t know what good manners are .

Maybe, they haven’t been guided properly by thier parents or guardians or they are so headstrong that they haven’t learnt to do any good in life nor perhaps they have any inclination to do so. If good manners are so important ,then , of course ,they must be learnt and followed.

Good manners sometimes overlap with good habits. Such are rising early in the morning, brushing one’s teeth , having a regular bath , putting on neat and clean clothes , polishing one’s shoes daily , going to school regularly and punctually ,having meals at regular times , not talking while eating , obeying and respecting teachers , parents and elders , reading good books , doing homework regularly etc. There is a sort of courtesy which the society expects from us. For instance , if we make frequent but proper use of such words and expressions as ‘ Please ‘ , ‘Excuse me’ , ‘ Thank you ‘ , etc. We lose nothing.

These words and expressions cost nothing . We gain a lot in the esteem of others . Others also feel happier. We should always talk in the polite language . We should never be angry nor ever call anybody names whatever the provocation. We should be truthful and candid but not blunt. We should not anybody’s sentiments .  We should never be dishonest or deceitful . We should never say anything irreligious , immoral , unpatriotic , unsocial , irritating or the like.


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