Short essay on war , War , Reason of war , Effect of wars

Horrors of war



War is a horrible thing by all means even the very word is a hatable one earlier wars were fought with bows arrows spears and swords. But modern wars are very destructive ones. Even some of the earlier wars were quite destructive for example the war between lord Rama and Ravana, the Mahabharata,The War of Troy, The Wars of Roses, The Hundred Years War, etc.

Results of war

However, the destruction caused in the First World War and then was n the Second World War, particularly in the second was on an unprecedented scale.

Since the World War 2nd, the war machinery has greatly gained teeth all over the world. Almost all the countries of the world are laced with most destructive weapons like bombs, guns, cannon, warships, war planes, torpedoes missiles, etc even countries like Pakistan which previously didnt have such importance from military point of view, have become mighty powers militarily, particularly because they have got, nuclear weapons.


There are thousands of nuclear weapons all over the world unless they are destroyed through some well-chalked out strategy, the danger of elimination of the whole of the mankind from the face of the world cannot be ruled out.
War causes destruction of life and property on very large scale. The atom bombs thrown by America on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 levelled the two popular cities. Radiation is extremely painful for those who remain alive after a nuclear holocaust. Let us all join our hands to get rid of the world of the monster of war.

Reasons of war

Wars have been fought to control natural resources , for religious, cultural reasons   and over political balances of power.  They have been fought over legitimacy (correctness) of particular laws. They have been fought to settle arguments  about land or  money, and many other issues. The reasons behind any war are often very complex . While a war can start for just about any reason, there is usually more than one cause.


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