Essay on Greediness and why Greed is a curse


Greediness nature destroy life

Man is possessive by nature. He wants to possess more money and things due to its greed. The great tragedy is that he does not want others to have those or similar things. If they have them, he feels greatly jealous or envious of them.

Sometimes, in comformity with this possessive, nature manner ventures too much or too high.
In mythology we learn that Icarus soared too high with waxen wings. These wings got melted with the heat of the sun Icarus now had no mean to keep on the height he had achieved with great labour and efforts. He fell down on the ground and died.

So many times we see in our life that the people who stake too much of the money in business, in stock market or in lottery, become paupers at long last. A country that tries to get the maximum amount of development in the shortest possible period of time, often gets itself caught in a debit trap and finall is reduced to an economically failed nation where poverty, hunger, disease, death and unemployment are rampant. A man should learn to feel contented with small gains we have innumerable small mercies of god for which we are not grateful to him.

These mercies, through seeming small are stupendous intrinsically. Such ones are air, water, rain, sunshine, etc.. A shopkeeper who sells goods on credit even to strangers with the hope to earn more profit, often looses his goods as well as profit and also the customer. So he should learn to know that even a small gain is sufficient.


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