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Dussehra is one of the most famous festival of india. It comes off mostly in the month of October .

 It is celebrated about twenty days before diwali.

Dussehra is celebrated to recall the victory of Rama over the  cruel king , Ravana. It is said that it was on this day that lord Rama killed Ravana and got liberated his wife , sita , from the clutches of the demon king , who has imprisoned her in his place in lanka.

On this day  children , in particular are in a highly cheerful , festive mood . They put on new clothes and go to the market.

There is great rush in the markets. People buy sweets and crackers in particular.

In the evening , before sunset , huge effigies of Ravana , his brother kumbhakarna, and his son , Mehanatha which have been installed in the middle of some big open space or ground of the town , are set afire.

A large number of people gather around the effigies of the demons to watch their burning. Days before the burning of the effigies, Ramlila is enacted.

Ramlila is the enactment of lord Rama , lakshmana and sita’s banishment , thier companionship with Hanumana and others , the killing of the Ravana and other and allied incidents.

The people exchange sweets and the people of different communities greet one another and take a vow to lead a peaceful life of goodwill and brotherhood. One negative aspect of the celebration is the firing of crackers.

These crackers contain explosive matters. Sometimes children catch fire while firing them. They also pollute the atmosphere due to which people has to suffer from health related problems.

Let us celebrate the day of  in the proper way as it deserves . It is heartening that people of all communities meet one another and exchange greetings and sweets on this holiday.


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