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Do Good Have Good

If we do good to others , it is most likely that other will also do good to us. Much against the prevalent notion , most of the people are not that ungreatful. In any case ,we can get the solace and happiness which accompanies a noble deed.

The story of dove and bee is known to every child . Once a hunter took an aim at a dove when it was sitting on the branch of a tree near a tree.

A bee that was by chance flying there in search of honey , saw that the life of the innocent dove was in danger. The bee once stung at the hands of the hunter . As a result of this , the hunter missed his aim and bullet didn’t hit the dove and it was saved.

One day, the same dove was flying over the river . It’s eyes fell on the surface of water of  river.  The dove  saw  that  the same bee as had save its  life fallen  into water and was struggling to get out of water . It’s  wings  had  got  wet  and it couldn’t fly. So , it’s life was in danger .

The dove took a leaf from the tree stand near to the river bank and threw it quite close to the bee. The bee climbed up . It’s wing got dry and it flew away . The life of the bee was saved because it had done a good turn by helping the dove.

It’s the lesson for all of us to do good to others , if we want that other should also do good to us. But if we are doing good for a person its done by heart not by expect any good thing in return . Bcoz god is watching every thing if u do good by heart it will return to u in unexpected way.


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