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🎉The festival of light’s🎆🎇



Diwali is a famous festival of india. It is celebrated all over country. It is celebrated with great Pomps and shows.

Diwali is a festival , not only for hindus but of almost all the communities living in India.

Hindu celebrate Diwali festival because on this day, lord Rama returns to Ayodhya after time period  of 14 year and after defeating the king of cruelity, Ravana .

On returning of lord Rama from lanka, the people illuminated their houses in ayodhya .




It is said that from that time people of india have been celebrating this festival of lights with great enthusiasm. Diwali is a joyful festival , as it shows  the victory of good over evil .

The sikhs also celebrate this festival because it was on this day thier 6th guru shri Har Gobind G was released from the gwalior jail by cruel emperor jahangir . On this occasion the markets were decorated like a bride .

They wear a wonderful festive look , where ever we go we see colourful balloons and bunting.

There is a great rush particularly at sweet shops. The children get new clothes and toys these days.

All the people buy candels and crackers .

The houses are cleaned and whitewash before the festival . At night , the house are illuminated with candels , lamps and electrical lamps .

Wherever we move our eyes we see we stand on the roofs of our houses , We find rows of these lamps and candles .

Many people fire crackers on this day , particularly at night. These crackers pollute the atmosphere and also dangerous if the children hold them in thier hands .

It is pity that some people gamble and drink on this day such people start quarreling among themselves or pic a quarrel with other ,this bad habit of drink and gambling should be given up.

This day is important in many other ways also . On this day , a new calander starts . Many buisness man start new account books on this days.

Let us celebrate this day in a proper day as it deserves. It is heartening that people of all communities meet one another and exchange greetings and sweets on this holiday.


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