Benefits Of Morning Walk | Why Morning Walk is Necessary | How To Maintain Good Health

Importance Of Morning Walk


Modern medical science has proved Beyond doubt that walking is one of the most beneficial mode of exercise. And morning walk is one of the most benefical of all types of walk. Fortunately I have been in the habit of having a morning walk since my childhood. That is why I enjoy such good health. I get up early in the morning and go out for a walk. I go about 5 kilometers outside the town. As I move out only a few steps outside the town, I feel a great relief from the polluted atmosphere of the town.


It is still early dawn. I reach a small hillock and have the sight of the Sun which is still rising. I love the beauty and glory of the Rising Sun. Soon the earth seems gilted all around. I enjoy the whiffs of cool , refreshing morning breeze. The birds On the trees are chirping. I love their melodies singing in their own language . Then i take some exercise there. Sometimes i have a walk along the Bank of canal. I passed through Green Fields enjoy. I enjoy the beauty of the shining dew drops hanging ON the blades of grass. Then i reach the garden. There i have a Look of the colorful flowers of all kinds such as roses , marigold ,Jasmine etc.

I found some young People having a race on the red gravelled path. I too join them. I found some old People siting on benches and singing hymns or just talking . Some of them are having slow walk on the green grass .They do this generally bare footed. Then i have a sight of the colourful flitting fishes in the pond. Thereafter , i return home. I feel myself full of new energy, enthusiasm and zeal for Work.

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